Belinda O


Hi Jeanette,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks to you and all your staff that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the past few months. You may or may not recall but I had a belt and a few other pieces of jewellery made from you for my wedding dress in November last year. I recently got the pieces re-worked into a necklace and broach which are now beautiful pieces I can wear out and make some use of the dress! I also got a necklace made up for a good friend who is also getting married in the UK which I can’t go to nor could she come to my wedding, so she can have a piece of my day to keep with her. I was in at your new office today and the woman said I should send in the pics, so here are a few (see attached), as you can see the belt looked amazing in the sun! So sparkly!

Thanks again to you all,

Melinda Orchard

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