The Best Bridal Shoes to Walk Down the Aisle in Style

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With wedding fever taking over any day and every day, it seems like every season is wedding season. Being up to date with the latest trends related to bridal fashion is oh so important. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss every opportunity to being perceived as the modern day bride. This year its bridal shoe trends galore and the latest happenings on the runway are giving brides every opportunity to break that classic footwear trend. Be it block heels and wedge heels to seamlessly elegant bridal flats, 2018 is revolutionizing bridal shoe trends like never before. And we’ve got the perfect inside scoop related to this stealth makeover.

Block heels

When it comes to bespoke designs in formal female footwear, block heels are uber trending with just the right amount of oomph for your big day event. It’s classy, sassy and oh so fabulous. Block heels are a great option for brides because they’re stylish and so convenient to wear too. Did we mention the extreme comfort level attached to this winning combination?

Wedge heels

bridal-tips, , The Best Bridal Shoes to Walk Down the Aisle in Style - Jeanette Maree Bridal footwear doesn’t get any better than this. Yes, you heard that right. Wedge heels are taking over the bridal fashion scene by storm and brides aren’t complaining one bit. Wedge heels have been trending in the regular fashion scene for a little over a year now but who knew this beauty would turn up in wedding footwear runway collections. There’s just something about wedges in generally that makes every fashionista’s heart skip a beat. And we’re guessing that is the reason this trendy style has emerged into bridal shoe trends with a bang. Wedge heels give you that perfect sexy and sleek height without hurting those ankles and soles. Choose from an array of metallics, embroidered designs or break all stereotypes by debuting a color never used before.

Bridal flats

bridal-tips, , The Best Bridal Shoes to Walk Down the Aisle in Style - Jeanette Maree If you happen to think bridal shoes and flat styles are two words never used interchangeably, think again. This is definitely one trend that’s here to stay and we can totally understand why. Bridal flats are yes super comfortable but their sleek design and sumptuous appeal are winning hearts of millions of bride-to-be girls across the globe. Numerous renowned designers are choosing to embellish these beauties in the most graceful and luxurious manner ever. Little sparkly diamantes, velvet extracts, lace appliqué or a touch of leather, there’s a bridal flat out there for everyone. So now, tall brides has nothing to worry about as bridal flats are as glamorous as those heels. bridal-tips, , The Best Bridal Shoes to Walk Down the Aisle in Style - Jeanette Maree That’s the latest fashion scene update related to bridal footwear. This year is all about keeping both comfort and style at the forefront, allowing brides to celebrate their big day with confidence and convenience.

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