He won’t help plan the wedding


So your in full swing with all the planning. I bet there are a lot of nights your chatting with hubby to be, mainly telling him all you’ve been up to, and if he’s is anything like mine then it’s all landing on deaf ears. If your lucky you may get a yeah here or there. I know it can get really annoying asking his opinion and getting nothing in return, and it took me years into my marriage to realise it’s not because he doesn’t care.

Although there are some guys that love details and planning I can guarantee they are few and far between. Here are the facts, most guys, although they clearly love you and want to tie the knot really don’t care about the wedding details. Apart from the venue, cars, suits, food and bucks night; they should careless if the envelopes match the invites, or if the brides maids shoes are all the same.

I like to compare it to if your watching a football match together and he’s spurting all the stats… (Like you care). It’s the same thing, doesn’t mean you don’t love him but you just don’t have any interest. And I hear you saying but it’s our wedding he should but… I say choose your battles and this ain’t it.

I’ve heard some really sad stories about how terribly hubby has messed up the planning so I say just do it yourself, with the help of mum or bestie and you can just get all the details you want. Take it easy on him, it’s the marriage that’s import not the planning, and there are so many more important times ahead where you’ll really need him. Better still get Mum in law on board, she will love being involved more than you could imagine.

So if you’ve just spent 2 hrs organising the seating without any input from him, just think of all the driving around he can do while your getting a mani, pedi (and possibly a massage) in the week of the big day.

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