Phase 2 all about the details


So you have made it through phase 1. All the big decisions have been made and your feeling pretty good. Welcome to phase 2, all about the details Decisions need to me made on the daily and the options are endless. Here are few tips to help you get through it, and what items you should be finalising


Make a bridal Pinterest board, it can be a secret board or you can include brides maids add close friends. Pick a topic and start pining pics you like. Flowers, stationary, hair styles etc. You’ll soon see trends or styles are appearing, this can guide you to themes for your big day. Imagery can also be helpful when seeing vendors so they have a clear ideas of what you like.

bridal-tips, , Phase 2 all about the details - Jeanette Maree

Refine your choices

Once you have a huge list of things you like you’ll will need to cull the list. Get down to 5 things you like in each category them cult that again to three. Now your down to three the reality is any of them will work, it’s just down to personal preference as to which one you like better.

bridal-tips, , Phase 2 all about the details - Jeanette Maree

Imagine the whole look together

Close your eyes an imagine all the details together. Does the flowers work with your dress, headpiece, and location. I often suggest this idea to brides in store when deciding on hair up or out, but will work equally well with other aspects of the planning. Just close your eyes an imagine posing for a photo with your bridal party, what do you see? Imagine looking at the venue all set up. What do you see? Hopefully some answers come to you.

bridal-tips, , Phase 2 all about the details - Jeanette Maree

Choose the right suppliers

I can’t stress this enough. Read Google reviews and use referrals. You are trusting these suppliers to come through on a big event so choose wisely. Talk to a few people in each field. You will soon know by the conversation who knows their stuff, they should even have tips that you would never think of. The person who cuts and colours you’re hair isn’t the right person to style it for the big day. Similarly, just because Auntie Barb makes a good sponge cake, doesn’t mean she the right choice to make and decorate a wedding cake to feed 100+

bridal-tips, , Phase 2 all about the details - Jeanette Maree

Get on top of the decisions

If you have a good gut reaction to something then it’s probably a good idea. Not every bridal purchase has to involve multiple visits or tryons. If something is ticking all the boxes then why keep looking. Don’t get too bogged down trying to stick to a theme either. I’m. big believer that there are no rules to planning a wedding. Choosing items you love will create a wedding suited to you, and your style.

bridal-tips, , Phase 2 all about the details - Jeanette Maree

trust your instincts

It is so east to put off some decisions but believe me it’s always better to be organised than have problems occur later. Don’t leave the headpiece till the week before the wedding, Why do that to yourself? Get it earlier for the hair trial, now you know that you love what the total look will be. Is there a better feeling than being a stress free bride?

bridal-tips, , Phase 2 all about the details - Jeanette Maree

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